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Who are we?

Public Organization "SICH"

Good evening, we are from Ukraine!

Today we are going to introduce ourselves and meet with you

The main purpose of activity:

Combining the experience ,efforts and aid of the qualified specialists of different professions, occupations and areas of activity to promote the protection of rights and freedoms and development the citizens of Ukraine.

We help support and cooperate.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes of Ukraine!

Who are we?

Public Organization "SICH"

What are we doing?

Areas of activity NGO "Sich"

  • Providing the Armed Forces with the ammunition and equipment

    While our superhero warriors defend Ukraine's future on the front lines, we take care of their needs for ammunition.

    At present, Public Organization “SICH” provides 35 military units with uniforms, footwear, sleeping bags, boots, kneepads, radios, binoculars and other equipment, as well as personal hygiene items and medicines on an ongoing basis.

    The thousands of miles of trips of volunteers to the front lines is just the beginning when the goal is to keep those who keep us safe.

  • IDP assistance

    Since February 2022 Cherkasy region has sheltered more than 100 thousand IDPs. We - thevolunteers of the public organization "SICH"; - do not stand aside and strive to help meet their primary needs:

    ✔️ We provide food packages and daily hygiene products.

    ✔️ We provide necessary medicines and medical supplies.

    ✔️ Concerns the youngest (diapers, baby food, etc.).

    ✔️ We opened a Charity flea market of things and clothes for displaced people.

  • Weaving nets and kikimors

    From the beginning of the war to this day, camouflage nets have been needed at the front. They cover military supplies, protect our soldiers and increase the chances of victory!

    Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, we have sent 230 nets to the front and they have all found use there.

    We also produce "kikimory", these are camouflage suits. They allow the sniper to keep the shortest possible distance to the target and still remain undetected.

    We need fishing nets, fabric and threads of certain colors, jute fibers and reed to make such camouflage. And, of course, we need people! 

  • Anti-tank hedgehogs and potbelly stoves for the Armed Forces

    Today, every Ukrainian knows what anti-tank hedgehogs are. This is a massive barrier that stands at the entrance to any city. These are the prickly structures that delay the advance of enemy troops. This is the simple, but perfect invention that protects our homes!

    So far, we have manufactured 3,000 metal structures. Among them are anti-tank and anti-aircraft hedgehogs, bastions to strengthen cities, stoves for heating food and stoves for heating the space around. All this is extremely necessary both at the military front and in the rear!

  • Dry cakes and stew on the front

    Our separate front is the production of dry rations and canned meat for the Ukrainian armed forces, resettlers, and volunteers.

    Our vegetable kits become delicious soup and borsch if you add water, spices and canned meat to them. A good way to feel the comfort of a home-cooked meal for a fighter in the trenches, isn't it?

    Right now we are in dire need of a vacuum packaging machine to increase the shelf life of produce, as well as fresh vegetables, herbs, fruit, and meat to make dry rations and cannedmeat.

  • Construction of a dormitory for IDPs and volunteers

    During the war with Russia, thousands of Ukrainians from the occupied villages and cities come to the Central Regions of Ukraine every day.

    We, the Public Organization “SICH”, are doing everything possible to help migrants from the Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine.

    In April, we began a full-scale renovation of the dormitory, which had been vacant for more than 20 years. We have already done cosmetic work with the help of our volunteers.

    Several families from Luhansk and Kharkiv oblasts already live in the house. But there are still many IDPs in need of housing.

  • Making cigarettes

    So, within the walls of our center, we set up a small shop for the production of cigarettes. Of course, we are well aware of the damage they are doing, but there is a great need for them at the forefront.

    Tobacco is dried in one room, and volunteers stuff, twist and pack cigarettes in another. Philanthropists bought electric cars, which makes this process quite fast.

    We will be able to provide more fighters with cigarettes if we have additional machines and material for production. And this is what we need your help for!


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    NGO "SICH" provides cigarettes to soldiers at the front



    NGO "SICH" is engaged in the production of dry rations and canned meat



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